The Hamilton Bank


A checking account is a safe place to keep your cash assets until they are needed and provides an excellent legal record of your expenses.  You may make deposits to your checking account at anytime.  Checks may then be written to pay funds from your account to others.  A monthly statement of your deposits, withdrawals, and cash balance is delivered to you.  ATM/Debit cards, free internet banking and bill pay are available options for all accounts. A minimum opening deposit of $100.00 applies to all accounts.

Free Checking

  • No monthly service charge
  • Paper or electronic statements

Green Checking

  • No monthly service charge
  • Electronic statements
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Mobile Remote Deposit

Interest Checking

  • Monthly service charge applies (contact the bank for more information on account fees disclosure)
  • Paper or electronic statements
  • Bill Pay $5.00 unless you receive electronic statements
  • Mobile Remote Deposit

A health savings account (HSA) is a tax exempt trust or custodial account used exclusively for qualified medical expenses.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • No set up fees
  • First 50 checks provided free
  • No limit on number of checks written
  • ATM/Debit card available
  • $3.00/month service charge