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Welcome to The Hamilton Bank's new website design!

September 29, 2017

Today we roll out the newly designed webpage for The Hamilton Bank.  This has been a project coupled with the conversion to a new online banking vendor.  First, I must give credit to every employee of our bank. They have worked very hard to make the conversion to a new online banking vendor as seamless as possible, and continue to make sure you, the customer, have access to your information electronically. In April of this year a task force was formed that included employees from various areas of the bank.  Each person brought different strengths and talents to the team.  They were charged with looking at our existing online banking products and website and to make a recommendation for change.  I think they made some wonderful recommendations and I believe you will be thrilled with the result of their work.  Not only do you see old products made better, but you have seen the rollout of new items such as mobile apps for your Apple and Android phones.  Best of all, their work doesn’t stop here.  More is to come.  I give special thanks to the following who volunteered to serve on the task force:

Jessica Green – Jessica Howard – Sandi Gaunce – Alexis Mellberg – Marissa Graham – Tanna Hunt

I also want to thank every customer for being patient with us as the changes have been made. You are extremely important to us and our goal is to serve you the best way that we know how.

Mark Ayers, President