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CONFESSIONS OF A CYBER THIEF                                                              January 2021


I am a Cyber Thief.  Use this information to protect yourself!

  1. Public WiFi is a crook’s pot of gold.It is amazing how many people conduct financial transactions or share personal information on public Wi-Fi hot spots.The information is so easy to intercept, it’s like you are asking me to rob you!Complete your online transactions at home on a secure Wi-Fi system.

  2. Phishing scams are easy money.I contact you by phone or email pretending to be your financial institution, asking for your account number and personal information.You hear your financial institution name or see the fake logo and forget that your bank would NEVER ask for such things.Don’t share account numbers, passwords or personal information over the phone or through email.

  3. Weak passwords….just write me a check.Think your child’s name is hard to figure out?Guess again.Dog’s name?Your street address?BINGO!Do you jot down your passwords on a sticky note?Ha!I love ripping off co-workers!Use passwords that combine numbers, letters and symbols.Don’t write them down, memorize them!

  4. ATM’s, Gas Pumps and Store Card Readers….easy money!I install a card reader over the real one on an ATM, gas pump or store reader, steal the information when you swipe your debit card and sell it.If anybody ever gave the thing a jiggle, I would be out of business.Check the card reader, you will know right away if it is fake!

  5. Social networks are my jam!Remember me?I am your long, lost friend from high school.I convince you to friend me, and pretty soon you are sharing your most intimate secrets….everything I need to rip you off.Never share sensitive information on social network sites, not even in private messages.